Definitive Technology Incline Audiophile Desktop System Reviews

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Product Description

Definitive Technology is 1 of my personal favorite loudspeaker companies -- not merely since the organization is imaginative, but since its speaker line incorporates models which punch way above the price class of theirs. Not just that, they sound wonderful throughout the 20Hz 30kHz frequency response of theirs, and their footprint is incredibly little. What is to not like?

One of my least favorite consumer electronics categories is computer speakers -- to me, nearly all of them sound bad. I recall connecting a pair of clear plastic computer speakers through 1/8" minijacks to my computer's soundcard -- an adventure noteworthy for all of the wrong reasons. So when Editor-in-Chief Jeff Fritz asked if I needed to go over Definitive Technology's Inclines, I was in the beginning concerned when I heard the phrase desktop speakers -- it sounded to me like pc speakers. But this was Definitive Technology, and also I was fascinated to pick up what the organization might do in this particular group.

Manufacturer Description

Audiophile Desktop Speaker System with DAC

Product Features

Pair of self powered loudspeakers USB Digital Analog Convertor 9.5 degree angle literally points the speaker toward the listeners ears

Product Information

In case you were of a particular age at a particular period and into sound at all this's what you saw if you closed the eyes of yours. This particular advertisement was in each sound associated magazine, everybody that reviewed it stated it was the gold standard of kicking ass with audio. Simply look at many of the drivers, they often have a complete set mentioning the back just to point out they can. Bipolar is definitely not feasible on account of stuff and physics, but damn male they stuffed a fifteen inch woofer on the edge of the speaker along with a thousand watt plate amp. At this stage in time 4 digits of watts had been unheard of beyond extremely minimal prosound offerings. This was all really ground breaking stuff. Of course by time I have to pick up large bipolar towers it had been aproximatelly fifteen years later and they have been a disappointment.

Fast forward another ten years and below I'm with small bipolar towers for the pc. The possibility of being let down can there be, but I have got hopes that are high.

Component Overview:

These speakers from what I could tell enjoy a plastic drawer discussed in grill cloth and then secured to light weight aluminum stands.

The couple of degrees of lean these men have is exactly where they get the name of theirs, Incline.

The small details and create quality on these speaker shows off the initial asking price, that had been around $400 if they start to hit the market. For what ever reason why these speakers weren't popular and today promote for closer to $200 for the pair.


After a lot of efforts to determine this puzzle box I've settled on the reality that the grill isn't going anywhere. Rather I'm making use of the marvels of flash photography to explore the speaker as well as find out the strategies which hide beneath.

I am quite certain the tweeter is a dome of some kind with some horn loading to help keep it recessed behind the grill, the woofer is a tad small, and also the radiator is actually smaller. The back tweeter might be a more affordable cone tweeter, but it is really tough to tell. At any rate it is remarkable to see this numerous transducers in what's among probably the smallest speakers I have reviewed, with a box volume a lot more consistent with the Audioengine A2.


Lots of options right here, though they're hidden behind some plate. I put the speakers up using the USB feedback as it provided probably the cleanest install. Did not have to download the system and some drivers simply worked with both Windows seven and ten.

Plate Amp

It is difficult to think that Definitive was in a position to fit almost everything in these small boxes. according to the wiring I am going to guess that this's a four channel amp, with a few DSP functions for bass & perhaps tonal correction.

Listening Notes:

I first set up the speakers lifeless on the desk surface with no stands, based on the tilt of the speaker in an attempt to get the audio up to the ears of mine.

I am in utter disbelief and shock. The speakers seem tonally correct with just a bit of bass boost to the real bass, not the reduced midrange where many small speakers attempt to sneak in seen thump.

With all the speakers flat on the table the imaging is far too strange having an swimming in good effect type that I am certain lots of people will love, but was far too phasey for the taste of mine.

Pulling out the table stands made a big difference in the planet. When the tweeter is at ear level the owners are actually time lined up from the tilt of the speaker. Very sneaky, in a very good way.

Things are sounding excellent with much more immediate audio from the front of the speaker doing much more of the work. The tone remains some heavy on bass.

I see that when I press the amount up the audio gets distorted as the amp is working of steam and which the owners are going critical mass. Additionally, since the amount increases the tone gets more appropriate together with the integrated bass limting earning the speaker much more lifeless tonally the louder you participate in it.

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