Best Affordable Gaming Laptop Under $1000

So what are looking for on a gaming laptop? we will help you decide what to look on a gaming laptop considering the performance but also the budget (under $1000). So why under $1000? For a gaming laptop, $1000 is the sweetspot where you can get a descent specs within the budget. Here are some things you need to look at before purchasing a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops have grown to be the top option for game lovers. They are okay to be availed in a broad assortment of configurations, shapes, and prices. You are going to find a great deal of choices because of the gaming laptops. Choosing a one catering to the needs of yours may be challenging. 

Processor (CPU)

Processor is the brain of your gaming laptop. This will part will compute & calculate everything that doesn't have to do with graphics. It will affects the overall performance of your system. Therefore, you can't go cheap with this one. Here are some of our tips for selecting the CPU:

  • Go with Intel only; don't go with other brand
  • At least 6th gen core
  • Don't go below i5. i7 is the ideal.
  • Need to have quad-core. Anything less than this will slow you down
  • Don't ignore clock speed. We recommend at least 3.4 Ghz


Graphics (GPU)

If CPU is the brain of your laptop, the GPU is the heart. It is the keystone of how your gaming laptop would perform. Since it will process all the graphics & visual which is a heavy lifting task, you can't go easy with this one. They even have their own RAM, called VRAM, to do all the heavy work. Here are some tips in choosing your GPU:

  • Go with at least 8GB VRAM
  • If you want to play VR game, we recommend Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
  • For hardcore gamers, we recommend using SLI where you can use multiple GPU to run simulteneosly as one



So what's the purpose of having good GPU, if you don't have a good screen to display them. Here are some tips for choosing the right display for your gaming laptop:

  • Resolution: the minimum resolution for your laptop is 1920 x 1080, anything less than this you'll get a crappy display. Even, laptops with 4K (3840 x 2160) or QHD (2560 x 1440) panels are starting to become very popular.
  • Touch screen: this is purely optional. It depends on the type of player, many don't like to have touch screen on their laptop
  • Matte or glossy: again, this is simply a matter of preference. You can choose either one
  • G-sync vs Free Sync : Each of them have their own advantages. G-sync is from Nvidia while Free Sync is from AMD. They both have the same purpose to eliminate graphical tears & ghosting